A brief history of our family business.

Nick & Hilda Felicione start a pest control company in Boca Raton, Fl.

After moving down from New York, Nick and his wife Hilda decide to start a pest control company in their new home city of Boca Raton, Florida. The "door knocking" begins, customers start signing up, and a company is born.


Nick & Hilda's son-in law Carmen joins the company

With the company rapidly growing they turn to their son-in-law Carmen to join the company to help run operations and continue growing sales through commercial contracts.

Carmen's wife, Phyllis joins the company as head of office and administration.

By 1999, the businesses is in an upswing, with a need for an office staff to handle customer service. Carmens wife Phyllis, Nick and Hilda's first born daughter – begins running the office and administrative work.


Nicola joins the company bringing her marketing and sales expertise

In 2009, Carmen and Phillis first-born child Nicola – a sales and marketing major, joins the family business to help bring a fresh approach to the company's marketing and sales efforts.

Carmen Jr. joins the company with a background in operations efficiency.

In 2019, Carmen Jr, joins the company with an extensive background in operations efficiency with previous experience working for DHL a long with running his business.


Anthony  re-vamps our website.

In early 2021, Anthony – Carmen Jr's twin brother re-vamps the family business's website. ("Had to squeeze myself in, I hope you like it" – Anthony)

A lot has changed over the years, but one thing always remains the same – Our customers always come first.

Amazing customer service is the foundation of our business. Our relationships with our customers mean everything to us. Whether you need one-time service, or regular maintenance, our friendly customer service staff and licensed professional techs are here to provide you with effective solutions at competitive & affordable prices!

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